About Ronkeya

Ronkeya Hannon is a self taught makeup artist based out of the DC/MD/VA area with over 6 years of experience. Her inspiration came from her mother.  One of her favorite things to do used to be be playing in her mother's makeup.  From that point she was obsessed with makeup and the artistry involved.  The power that lies within makeup pulled her in like a magnet. Being able to enhance someone’s natural beauty, making someone look like a completely different race and sex simply amazed her and she yearned to know more. She noticed early that people like to translate wearing makeup as an attempt to hide something, this is not the case at all. Makeup is about art and creativity. An art and creativity with an undefinable range. When it comes to makeup the possibilities are endless. The simple application of makeup can completely change someone’s attitude. When applied and worn right, makeup can boost one’s self esteem to levels they never knew existed!

She started her profession as a beauty adviser at Bare Escentuals and later became an artist for MAC Cosmetics and NARS.  

She is experienced in providing makeup for fashion shows, television, print, domestic and destination weddings for locations including Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Jamaica.